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Xuzhou Huaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

Quality :HXH - The Quality Connection. As a leading systems partner with a worldwide presence for wiring system HXH has the quality for having the best connection - with its customers, employees, investors and business partners, through its products and the services it provides.
Performance :Performance, quality and success go together at HXH.We utilize the interlinking of our production locations, our manufacturing penetration, and the wide range of the products we offer and our worldwide growth in line with the requirements of our customers.
Customer Focus :HXH is a reliable partner for its customers all over the world. For us also, the indication of our closeness is seen in the way we are maintaining and building on our quality and service up to being at the same high level worldwide. We support efficient work and with this, the innovative power and positions in the market of our customers through international placement, standardized methods and clearly defined processes.
Responsibility :At HXH, responsibility means giving and taking.Each individual employee carries a responsibility for the success of the organization. For this, HXH offers attractive jobs, which are attuned to the future and provide opportunities for advancement.
Expertise :HXH is moving within individual markets in the areas of wiring systems, in which the company acts and reacts on an individual basis. Leadership in technology and partnership in research and development are an essential basis for a successful collaboration.
Openness :Information and the knowledge, which is derived from it, are integral success factors for HXH. As part of a continuous improvement process we are, therefore, constantly optimizing our internal communications. In addition to this, we place the greatest emphasis on the dialogue we have with our external partners.
Change :HXH sees itself as a learning enterprise, which is in a state of continual development. Being prepared for change includes each individual being capable to change. The type of structure and the short decision 
  processes connected with this, create the possibility for quick reactions to the wishes of our customers and to the requirements of the respective markets.