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Xuzhou Huaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ladies, Gentlemen and our friends:
In the initial explanation of the words “HuaXia” in Chinese ancient authority, “Hua” means “tolerate”, and “Xia” means “Chinese”. Afterward, Heman wrote a famous sentence about “HuaXia” in his Ode of Jingfu Palace. It said that gathering the blessing of the jinn, and collecting the gladness of Huaxia..
During the past five thousand years, every generation of our Chinese people create miracle one after another with our courage and wisdom, inheriting our ancestor’s glory.
Nowadays, we, XUZHOU HUAXIA HARNESS CO., LTD, breathe the spirit of carrying forward Chinese civilization, agglomerating Chinese ethos, forging top quality article and serving our society into our enterprise’s mission.
How to incarnate Chinese civilization in a modern corporation?
We suppose that,
Our Chinese civilization always considering people as root, so we will try our best to improve the labourers’ work ability and ensure their rights and interests.
Our Chinese civilization holds the viewpoint of breathing and flourishing together, so we insist on growing with our clients, becoming our clients’ strategic associate, and creating warm and fragrant atmosphere for our employee.
Our Chinese civilization always aspires high and far, so we hammer away at the construction of vehicle harness area and the development of our company’s core ability, and create a famous national enterprise.
Our Chinese civilization stresses earnest and down to earth, so we will construct and develop our vehicle harness enterprise with the spirit of considering talented people as basics and high-tech as pre-requisite.
Our Chinese civilization goes well up to bridle, so we advocate quality, pursue excellence, regard creation and perfect our work.
Shouldering the glory of “HuaXia”, we will undoubtedly take our responsibility, take oath to our goal and hold together. Finally, we’ll succeed.

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